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Current research


  • Genome stabilization pathway through intergeneric hybrid xBrassicoraphanus

    속간잡종 배 무채를 이용한 유전체 안정화 기작 이해

  • Investigation of agricultural traits of Brassicaceae

    배추과 작물의 농업적 유용 형질 관련 후성유전인자 탐색

  • Epigenetic regulation mechanism in plants

    식물 내 후생유전학적 조절 메커니즘 연구

Recent published journal

ROS1-Dependent DNA Demethylation Is Required for ABA-Inducible NIC3 Expression

DNA methylation plays an important role in diverse developmental processes in many eukaryotes, including the response to environmental stress. Abscisic acid (ABA) is a plant hormone that is up-regulated under stress. The involvement of DNA methylation in the ABA response has been reported but is poorly understood. DNA demethylation is a reverse process of DNA methylation and often induces structural changes of chromatin leading to transcriptional activation. In Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), active DNA demethylation depends on the activity of REPRESSOR OF SILENCING 1 (ROS1), which directly excises 5-methylcytosine from DNA. Here we showed that ros1 mutants were hypersensitive to ABA during early seedling development and root elongation. Expression levels ...